Overcoming Adversity

The vision for PLEDG originated with our founder’s tenure as an educator in low-income schools. His experience with psilocybin healing convinced him that it was the best method to heal the generational trauma that leads to poverty, violence and mental illness. 

After his arrest and incarceration for psilocybin in 2015, witnessing more extreme instances of this inherited trauma PLEDG was born. Since then, PLEDG has focused on providing access to psilocybin treatment for those who cannot afford pricey retreats or clinical treatments.

Sustainable and Affordable

We are excited and grateful for the change in perspective that society is having regarding psilocybin mushrooms as a treatment for a multitude of ailments. The research is promising. We are confident it will continue to yield positive results for subjects of these treatments. Unfortunately laws and treatment costs are not yet in line with needs. Millions of people can benefit from safe, guided psilocybin experiences, but not as many can afford multi-thousand-dollar retreats or clinical applications. PLEDG is here to help meet that need though the donations of caring, conscious psychedelic explorers like yourself.


Helping the Helpers

PLEDG focuses on psilocybin because we believe it is the most sustainable and it will be the most affordable psychedelic substance for healing the people of our planet. PLEDG is committed to bringing healing to those who need it most. That is why our scholarships focus on first responders and veterans. Those who serve our communities often receive the least support themselves and they often cannot afford expensive alternative treatments. If you are a first responder or know one that could benefit from a PLEDG scholarship, please contact us.

Our Team

PLEDG is made up of experienced, compassionate and committed psychonauts. We know the power of psilocybin because we have all experienced it first had. Our team does not come from prestigious backgrounds but we recognized the privilege that has allowed us to have access to these powerful healing mushrooms for many years. It is our desire and commitment to leverage our positions to help those less fortunate.

We Believe in the Power of Psilocybin to Heal