Our Mission

We believe that change is possible. The great thing is that you don't have to do it alone thanks to our extensive community and the healing of the mushroom experience.

We Believe in Change

Our mission at PLEDG is to help bridge the economic gap between need and access to legal psilocybin experiences for personal growth and spiritual development.

We believe that by healing those within our communities directly, we will be able to more effectively spread healing to the entire population.

When we come together, as people, we can truly change the world, from the inside out. We at PLEDG are here to reunite the human race through healing practices, allowing Psilocybin to be an accessible medicinal catalyst to:

  • Release inner trauma/pain
  • Reconnect with ourselves, nature & others
  • To help release unhealthy habits/addictions
  • Help to overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD and more

At PLEDG our goal is to heal, connect and love by undoing what no longer serves us, healing, and connecting with our true essence. By individually healing ourselves, collectively we can change the world.

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